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Speaking Topics

Being A Transformative Leader: The 4 Steps to True Transformation

Every person has a story and each story is worth telling. The question we should be asking is if our story is the one we want. In this talk I will discuss the impact your life story has and the four key steps that lead to true transformation as a leader.

The Difference-Maker Leader: Eight Traits That Make a Difference

In this interactive talk I reveal the innate traits that allow us to find the next level in life…the level where we make a difference.

Increasing Your Influence: The Simple Principle of Leadership

For many, being a leader has become a complex and confusing journey. In this presentation I peel back the complexities of leadership and reveal the simple principle of what it means to be a leader.

Redefining Success: Living a Purpose-Centered Life

There are as many definitions of success as there are people. For many, success in life oftentimes feels elusive and unattainable. In this interactive talk I present the premise at the heart of success—where purpose, talent, and resources come together to meet the needs of others—and which cannot be achieved in isolation.

The Modern Day Kingmaker: Unlocking True Potential

At the heart of a modern day Kingmaker is the ability to unlock the true potential within a person. In this presentation I reveal the keys to appreciate, activate, and accelerate the true potential within you.

Next Level Leadership: Getting the People Part Right

There is a simple principle in the hospitality/customer service world: the customer experience will rarely exceed the employee experience. In today’s world it is vital for leaders to understand the importance of the people around them. In this talk I discuss the importance of a leader’s ability to connect with others.

Living a Life of Inspiration: The Three Conditions

When I am referred to as a motivation speaker, I am quick to respond that I cannot motivate anyone. Motivation comes from within, not from others. What triggers your motivation into motion is inspiration. Understand inspiration and you have a better understanding of motivation. In this presentation, I will discuss the three conditions that must transpire for inspiration to take place.

Making Progress in Life: The Four Keys

Many of us commit to goals in life only to discover we are not making the progress we truly want to make. Out of frustration we frequently give up only to try again. Over and over, the cycle repeats itself. In this presentation I will share the four keys to creating sustainable progress in any area of life.

Additional Topics:

  • Accountability
  • Culture
  • Results
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Vulnerability
  • Transformation

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So many of us race through life striving to succeed and hoping to find a sense of purpose along the way. Tony Bridwell, in his book The Kingmaker, has an amazing ability to wake us up to the truths we have known for over 2,000 years. What we are called to do and how we live don’t always match. The Kingmaker brings these lessons to life in a way I never will forget. I recommend this book to anyone with a pulse. Wally Gomaa

Chief Executive Officer, MHA/MBA ACAP Health

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