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The Newsmaker

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The Newsmaker is a fable about leadership choices, and the value of mentors whose guidance directs the wayward to good places. It is also a story about unconditional love, and the power to change life’s direction for a greater purpose.

When journalism prodigy Carson Stewart’s life comes crashing down in an ethics scandal, he sets out to rebuild his reputation in a desperate act that tests his journalistic integrity. Accepting a freelance job, Carson wields his cynical pen to break a story featuring Clara Becker, a popular U.S. representative. His course is interrupted, however, when he meets an attractive and cunning congressional aid who is not afraid to shed light on the condition of Carson’s integrity and purpose.

Entangled in deception, Carson finds counsel from his only friend and mentor, Joe – a well-read, yet mysterious bartender. Joe’s Place provides the solid foundation where an unsteady Carson finds footing. With his situation spiraling to rock bottom, it is this unlikely mentor and the scorned congresswoman who provide Carson a way out, if he will accept it. Carson is presented with the “Three Laws of Life,” which ultimately force his pen to consider rewriting more than his article.

The Newsmaker is a fable about leadership choices, and the value of mentors whose guidance directs the wayward to good places. It is also a story about unconditional love, and the power to change life’s direction for a greater purpose.



The Kingmaker

At the heart of this leadership story is the central idea that success―where purpose, talents and resources come together to meet the needs of others―cannot be achieved in isolation.

In The Kingmaker, Kyle Ellis, the CEO of powerhouse PR firm Ellis International, is known in an elite circle of people as The Kingmaker. Unlike others in his field, Kyle has the ability to unlock the true potential within his clients while guiding them to the world’s highest levels of power.

After years of masterfully engineering careers to the height of success, Kyle suddenly finds that an alarming number of his “Kings,” as they are known within his close network, are falling from power. Over the course of only a few short weeks, two of Kyle’s most high-profile clients have collapsed into trouble. Kyle is forced to step in to play damage control not only to save their careers but, in one case, their very life.

With longtime friend and driver Parker McIntosh offering keen insights into the motivations of people in their circle, the two form a perfect pairing to master the strategic chessboard of business and politics.


The Difference Maker

A Leadership Story of Faith and Friendship

The death of Taylor Bellows, one of the wealthiest men in the world, devastates Brendan Austin, his best friend since childhood. But even more than Taylor’s death, it’s the set of journals he left behind that shakes the foundation of Brendan’s life. Brendan and Taylor grew up together, from their days spent having adventures in the woods and pretending to be businessmen in Taylor’s father’s office to their eventual careers and marriages to the lovely Allison and Ann—and to Taylor’s struggles with infidelity. But through it all, Brendan and his wife Ann stood by Taylor and Allison, mentoring and guiding them toward the truth—even as Brendan often felt that Taylor resisted taking his words into his heart. And now, in reading Taylor’s journals, Brendan uncovers things he had never known…about his friend, his life, and his faith. He discovers what it means to be a difference maker. A conversation starter, an approachable guide—in fable form—for mentors both deliberate and unintentional, The Difference Maker looks at the godly principles of true success, mentorship, leadership, courage, and transformation. The truths are powerful and applicable, in life and in faith, for everyone who reads them. Learn how to lead others while you follow The One.

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“Tony’s book is essential, if you want to improve your life, and the lives of the people around you, The Newsmaker: A Leadership Story of Honor and Love is a must read!”

Hattie Hill

President and CEO WFF (Women’s Foodservice Forum)

“Bridwell does it again. In The Newsmaker, he takes the basic human needs of love & forgiveness and shows us all the difference you can make, if you lead from the heart. The power of purpose in Business & in Life shines through!”

Kelli Valade

EVP and President, Chili’s Grill & Bar

“In The Kingmaker, Tony Bridwell does an incredible job making a case for purpose over profits through the lives of four kings, and their maker. The characters and their struggles are relatable to anyone in business and the lessons are thoughtful and profound. In the end, and as it should be – those who truly live their purpose always find their way. A fantastic read.”

Kelli Valade

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer • Chili’s,
Brinker International

The Difference Maker represents the heart of Tony’s philosophy of life—to make a difference in the lives of others by pointing them to a deeper walk with the Lord and encouraging them to go deeper in discipleship. Through Brendan’s journey through the journals of Taylor Bellows, Tony reminds us of how our potential for positive influence is always present, even if we don’t think we’re making a difference….”

Joe Cook, PhD

Dallas Baptist University

“In The Kingmaker, Tony Bridwell reveals two distinct paths in life: one where our efforts change the world around us for the better and one where our short-term gains bring long-term dissatisfaction and heartache. The choice is ours.”

Craig Hickman

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Insiders and Mind of a Manager Soul of a Leader

“Today, as people are seeking greater significance in their lives, Tony Bridwell reminds us in The Kingmaker that you have the power to transform your legacy through simple changes in your philosophy. I strongly encourage you to read this book and chart your course for the future.”

Dr. Brent Taylor

Pastor of First Baptist Church Carrollton and Author of Founding Leadership: Lessons on Business and Personal Leadership From the Men Who Brought You the American Revolution