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Building Meaningful Connections

In the world of leadership, the principle of connection ranks close to the top of the list. The basic idea of leadership is about influence. The effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of our influence rises and falls on our ability to connect with others. Our ability to successfully communicate with others is directly related to our ability to connect with our audience. Yes, connection is vital.

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What Story are You Writing?

“The story I am writing in my head about us has changed from the early days. The story began with purpose and a passion to help others achieve their greatest dream, which included me. That story has changed, Kyle. It is no longer driven by purpose. The story that is being written today is one of only you.” 

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How to Face Challenges with Purpose

Life is challenging at times. Even during times of struggle it is possible to be on purpose.

What I have discovered is there are four important areas to consider when dealing with setbacks in life. These important considerations will help you as you focus your energy on improving in any area of life.

The Importance of Purpose

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Living a Purpose-Centered Life

Having spent time as a leader in HR, I encountered countless people seeking career advice. The questions almost always come around to purpose and passion.

When you understand that purpose is about why you are here and where you are going and passion is the energy that drives purpose, it becomes easier to crack the career code. It is not uncommon for someone to approach me complaining about their job and how it doesn’t fulfill their purpose.

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