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The Difference-Maker Leader #3: In the Arena

The comfort zone is perhaps the most dangerous place for a leader. It’s the place where dreams die. It’s the place where nothing changes. Sure, there are perks to the comfort zone: fewer headaches, less risk, and no heart-stopping moments of panic. But there’s also no growth. A difference-maker leader does not spring from the comfort zone, but is borne by trial and error, risk and reward.

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The Difference-Maker Leader #5 - Lead with Love

In a recent talk to 500 business leaders I began with a statement about the hospitality industry I consider a basic principle of service, “The guest experience will never exceed the team member experience”. If we expect our people to deliver a quality service, product, or experience for our guests we must first, as leaders, deliver a quality experience for our team. Yet, this concept seems to escape many leaders around the world expect for the true Difference-Maker Leader.

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