Your Journey Along The Way


Life is a Journey

Each day we awake to a new chapter in our life’s journey. How we chose to write our story is truly up to us. There are days along the way which feel out of sorts, disjointed, and at times hopeless. To minimize these days you should check in on your journey along the way. Here are a few simple insights to consider.

Know who you are.
What is most important to you? Are you driven by outside achievement or internal reward? Who you are can be linked to what you value most. Take this challenge; write down the 3-5 top values in your life. Then jot a simple note next to each one as to why it is important to you.

Know where you are.
Setting boundaries will keep you focused and on course. Boundaries should be physical, emotional, and spiritual…all with the intent to protect you from outside distraction and harm. Establishing your boundaries ahead of time helps you navigate the awkward in-the-moment situations that will come up.

Know what you are.
Frequently, we spend energy focusing on our weaknesses, at times, even obsessed with what we cannot do well. Research from Gallup suggests when we focus on our strength we improve not only our engagement but our effectiveness as well. What you are is more about your gifts and talents than your weaknesses. Find your strengths and lean into them.

And finally, know why you are.

You are here for a purpose. In Victor Frankel’s masterful work, Man’s Search For Meaning, he explores our hardwired need to have meaning in life. Our purpose fuels our journey. When you know and understand why you are you will discover an abundance along the way others are missing. Be on purpose when you start each day and your journey will be fulfilling.


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