Building Meaningful Connections


In the world of leadership, the principle of connection ranks close to the top of the list. The basic idea of leadership is about influence. The effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of our influence rises and falls on our ability to connect with others. Our ability to successfully communicate with others is directly related to our ability to connect with our audience. Yes, connection is vital.

Here are three simple tips to create greater connections with those around you.

  1. Connect With Clarity: Leaders take the complex and make it simple not the other way around. We create greater connection when our message is simple and clear.
  2. Connect With Compassion: The lack of empathy within the leadership ranks today is overwhelming. To create greater connection it is important to lead with love by understanding the needs of others and focus on serving before being served.
  3. Connect With Authenticity: Our connection with others accelerates when others know we care first and realize we are not perfect. There is a false leadership doctrine, which says, “I have to be perfect” and “I can’t let them know I don’t know”. True leadership happens when a leader is authentic and vulnerable. People connect with those they trust and authentic vulnerability builds trust.

How are your connections? These three simple ideas, if put into practice, will provide a path for you to #BEONPURPOSE in your connections.