An Open Letter to the Younger Me


Dear Younger Me,

Since the classic movie Back To The Future first appeared we have been obsessed with time travel. The fact Doc Brown may have been on to something has been a true fascination. Given the demographics of the vast, every expanding readership of this platform, it is within reason one of its many readers has in fact had a Doc Brown moment.

With that hope in mind I am writing the younger me an open letter to pass along a few important learning’s I wish I had known earlier in life. For example, it has become obvious over the years we spend all our time in one of two positions, either leading or following. We need to understand the importance of both.

Every version of the younger me has suffered from Attention Deficient Disorder, so I will deliberately keep this letter to simple basics. If fortunate, in the future I will drop myself a note from time to time with updates. Here is what you need to know:

  1. You were put here for a reason. Pay close attention to this important principle. You are not here by accident. You are here for a reason. You have a purpose in life as does everyone. Much of the excitement in life is fully discovering our purpose. Unfortunately, the younger me spent too much time chasing a false idea of success. Know this, true success happens when your purpose, talents, and resources come together to meet the needs of others. Find your purpose, focus building your strength, channel your resources, and serve others with honor.
  2. Life is going to feel chaotic, find the simple. The younger me spends too much time adding to the already crazy complexity of life. Seek to learn and understand this basic principle, within the complex you can find simple. You will add much more value as a leader and follower when you take the complex and make it simple. (Just know too much time was spent trying the opposite approach…it doesn’t work.)
  3. Yes, you are in control of your destiny. Let me explain this one. During our chaotic life, we will face an unlimited number of circumstances. When you face circumstances in life you have two choices, not one choice as we have thought in the past, but two choices. You can be a victim of our circumstances OR we can be victorious over our circumstances. The choice is ours. We can rise upon our circumstances by simply taking accountability for our thoughts, feelings, actions and results. Here is a simple tip to help, focus on what you CAN control and avoid getting stuck on what you CANNOT control.

You may have more questions, I know I would, but for now focus on these basics. If you do I can promise, while it may not feel any easier at times it will absolutely be more fulfilling.

All the best,

The Future Me

PS, I deliberately did not mention which year I am writing this because I have also learned every version of the younger me needed reminding of these three things frequently. So, if you are reading this now…it’s for you!