Living a Purpose-Centered Life


“A person whose life is purpose-centered, and committed to investing in others, yields a greater return than a life centered on self.”  – Quote from The Kingmaker, Available now on Amazon and Audible

Having spent time as a leader in HR, I encountered countless people seeking career advice. The questions almost always come around to purpose and passion.

When you understand that purpose is about why you are here and where you are going and passion is the energy that drives purpose, it becomes easier to crack the career code. It is not uncommon for someone to approach me complaining about their job and how it doesn’t fulfill their purpose.

Many want to quit what they are doing and start their own business in an effort to lean fully into their purpose and passion. The frustration for many is when they feel trapped and unable to change jobs or leave the one they have to start their own.

When we feel trapped it is easy to become a victim of our circumstances. Once in victim mode it is increasingly easy to shift our focus inward, becoming blind to the needs of others.

To protect you from the victim trap consider these simple ideas:

1. Today is preparation for tomorrow.

If you approach today as a development day, which is preparing you to run your own business someday, how would today look different? Viewing today as training for tomorrow allows today to have increased significance.

2. My purpose is not limited to my career.

Consider this question, “Where can I demonstrate my purpose today by serving others?” Asking this question each day will begin to increase your view of how your purpose can be manifested in all areas of life. If we fall into the trap of attaching our self-worth to our career we will fail to realize our full potential in life. Find one simple way to flex your purpose and passion today outside of work.

If you chose to lean into these two simple ideas today you will simultaneously protect yourself from the victim cycle trap and realize a greater return on your day.

Chose today to #BeOnPurpose.