#LeadWithLove Instead of Judgement


“A simple principle of leadership is that your influence with others increases when you lead with love in place of judgment,”  – Quote from The Kingmaker, Available now on Amazon and Audible

As leaders at work, in our community, or in our home we should realize each day we have a choice to make. The choice, as with many choices in life, is simple yet not always easy to execute. We must choose today the storyline of our day.

In my book The Kingmaker, each character follows a storyline from beginning to end which guides their interactions throughout the book. Our life is no different. We each have a storyline we follow. What I have discovered is there are two basic storylines in life, a story of love or a story of judgement.

How we approach our day is guided by the storyline we choose. In The Kingmaker I refer to this as “A simple principle of leadership”. When we chose to lead with love our influence with others increases and our ability to make progress is greatly increased.

What choice will you make today?

As for me, I choose to #LeadwithLove.