The Importance of a Solid Foundation


“It’s amazing what you can stand when you are built on a solid foundation,”

– Quote from The Kingmaker, Available now on Amazon and Audible

In The Kingmaker the center character, Kyle Ellis, has a conversation with one of his Kings. The conversation centers on the Empire State Building. Construction of this magnificent building began in 1930 and still stands proudly today.

Much is discussed about the height of this great skyscraper; standing at 1,454 feet, it was the tallest building in the world for 41 years. What is not talked about as much is the massive foundation holding up the 365,000 ton structure. At 55 feet below grade, the foundation beneath the Empire is built to stand the test of time.

For each of us, we should consider the foundation our life is built upon. Often, complete collapse in life can be traced back to a faulty life foundation. Here are a few key thoughts I have discovered to ensure a solid life foundation.

1. Begin with a set of Fixed Principles for a solid footing

To have an effective life foundation you first need a set of fixed principles to guide you. Think of it as “True North”. Fixed principles are just that, FIXED. They are a set of truths, which provide clarity and direction, and are most effective when they promote the betterment of mankind, not the destruction. Personally, my faith provides the initial footing for my life foundation. My faith teaches me the principles required to lead with love.

2. Protect yourself from Blind Spots to avoid foundation failure

Blind spots have the ability to disrupt our fixed principles leading to foundation failure. The single most effective way to protect from blind spots is to have a personal board of advisors to help us check and adjust our course. Your board should have at least three people. Find someone ahead of you in your life, someone in the same season as you, and someone behind you in life.

3. Rid yourself of distractions to prevent future collapse

Too often, the distractions in our life suck energy directly from our soul, further weakening our foundation. Frequently, these distractions come in the form of other people. Limit or eliminate exposure to individuals who emit life-draining discussions.

Just remember, it is amazing what you can stand when you are built on a solid foundation. Consider the quality of your foundation with these simple thoughts.

A solid foundation is the first step to #BeOnPurpose.