The Newsmaker

The Newsmaker is a fable about leadership choices, and the value of mentors whose guidance directs the wayward to good places. It is also a story about unconditional love, and the power to change life’s direction for a greater purpose.



The Kingmaker

At the heart of this leadership story is the central idea that success―where purpose, talents and resources come together to meet the needs of others―cannot be achieved in isolation.



“Tony’s book is essential, if you want to improve your life, and the lives of the people around you, The Newsmaker: A Leadership Story of Honor and Love is a must read!”

Hattie Hill

President and CEO WFF (Women’s Foodservice Forum)

“In The Newsmaker, Tony Bridwell redefines the headlines of our life story through a colorful allegory set in vibrant neighborhood haunts. To follow the characters as they move like chess pieces through the big games of politics and media, we are trained to recognize the voices of wisdom, reason and leadership along the way. Bridwell’s prose sets out to personify our greatest needs and provide a pathway of purpose stretching beyond his final page. For any leader, decision-maker, mentor or apprentice, these words are meant to be absorbed into your story.”

Tom Smith

3-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

“Bridwell does it again. In The Newsmaker, he takes the basic human needs of love & forgiveness and shows us all the difference you can make, if you lead from the heart. The power of purpose in Business & in Life shines through!”

Kelli Valade

EVP and President, Chili’s Grill & Bar

“Tony Bridwell’s The Kingmaker reminds me that at the essence of leadership is the purpose of serving others and that the positive, purposeful, and high-integrity leaders will always win the race in the end.”

Patrick Droesch

Executive Vice President, Club Corp., Business Sports & Alumni Division

“Tony Bridwell, in The Kingmaker, has written a great leadership story that reminds us that leaders in search of achievement can lose their way. Our purpose should always be about making a difference in the lives of others.”

Doug Brooks

Former CEO and COB of Brinker and current member of the Board of Directors for Southwest Airlines, AutoZone, and Club Corp.

“Tony Bridwell has written a compelling story that should be carefully read by anyone aspiring to leadership and, especially, by those who are “leaders of leaders.” I read The Kingmaker twice – once for the story and then again to solidify my understanding of the principles Tony drives toward.”

Tom Miller

President Symbolist, Author of Lift

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